Adele Pettered Senior Consultant

Adele is a sustainability professional with over 13 years’ experience within Australia, United Kingdom and the Pacific and Caribbean regions. Adele’s experience includes managing sustainability and corporate social responsibility agendas, research and analysis, stakeholder engagement and training, as well as experience establishing and managing holistic Environmental Management Systems conforming to ISO14001. During the past 7 years Adele has worked within the Australian and international waste management industry providing project coordination, management, research assistance and advice, including researching waste material flows within the Asia Pacific and Caribbean regions. Prior to joining APWC, Adele worked as a project co-ordinator for the Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation, including co-ordinating with government and industry to implement packaging waste reduction projects. Adele has a Bachelor of Natural Environment Studies and is an EMA Approved Lead Auditor as well as a member of the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment.

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