Jerastin Dubash Associate

Jerastin is a resource recovery professional with over 12 years of experience in waste management and sustainability roles in Australia and Sri Lanka. While she currently serves as the Digital Lead for Abans Group of Companies in Sri Lanka, she also works on a project- basis for Cleantech Pty Ltd (within Abans Group) as an Advisor on Resource Recovery. Jerastin’s career has spanned across local and regional government, waste management and sustainability consulting, business development and digital transformation. Throughout her career, Jerastin has developed special interests in the management of hazardous wastes, e-waste, problem wastes, commercial and industrial, and construction and demolition wastes. Her work in these areas has enabled her to gather a global perspective on resource recovery and special waste handling having worked on projects in nearly every Australian state and territory, Papua New Guinea and Sri Lanka, and having interviewed chemical management experts across Europe, USA, Brazil, Japan, South Korea and India. Currently leading projects on digital transformation, Jerastin has developed knowledge and skills in the areas of digital marketing, social media management, artificial intelligence and GPS technologies. She is passionate about these technologies and is keen to understand how they can be applied to address waste issues. Jerastin has a B.Sc. in Science, Technology & Society from Stanford University and a Masters’ degree in Environmental Management from the University of New South Wales (UNSW) with a focus on Waste Management and Energy Efficiency. Jerastin is also a former Committee Secretary and Outreach Coordinator for the NSW Young Professionals Working Group of the Waste Management Association of Australia.

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