Our parent company

Asia Pacific Waste Consultants (APWC) is the genesis of A.Prince Consulting (APC) an Australian company which specialises in waste management and recovery systems, operating for 23 years.

APC is known for delivering innovative and strategic waste reduction and management plans and achieving best practice outcomes for urban centres, regional, island and indigenous communities.

Anne Prince, the founder of APC is passionate about waste and minimising the impact on human health and the environment. Known affectionately as “Dr Rubbish” in indigenous communities for her commitment to improve services, Anne was also recognised nationally with the prestigious Resources and Waste Leaders award for her extensive contribution to the industry.

Anne is the founder of APWC. She brings 40 years’ experience in waste management gained across local government, industry, commercial and community sectors to the organisation. This experience has been gained at local, regional, state, national and international levels in Australia, Europe, Asia and the Pacific.

Dr Amardeep Wander joined APC in 2015 and brings together more than ten years of experience across academia, local government and consulting. Amardeep manages the APWC practice and has worked extensively in Asia and the Pacific.

APWC is a signatory to the New Plastics Economy Global Commitment, initiated by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation with major companies and charities.

APWC is committed to reducing waste leakage across the Asia Pacific through supporting countries transition to the circular economy.
APWC partners with established organisations and charities to assist governments and communities to identify and address the barriers to achieving cost-effective and efficient waste, re-use, recovery and recycling systems.